8 Benefits Of Having Friends from Other Cultures

One of the few benefits of social media is the possibility of having friends from different cultures. Multicultural friends do not just benefit you socially, but emotionally and mentally as well.

Relating to people of diverse cultural backgrounds and races opens your mind to a vast selection of realities and that’s just on the surface. If you have friends from different cultures you’re considered well rounded, socially blended and diverse. This is mostly true because it increases your exposure to the outside world.

friends from different cultures
(Photo: Ashes Sitoula / Unsplash)

So let’s get into the real benefits of having friends from different cultures.

1. Multiculturalism

This is the ability to adapt and mix with people of different cultural background and races. You get to experience a rich selection of behaviours and eccentricities and that’s just the beginning.

2. Increased knowledge base

Not only does it promote cultural diversity, but it also increases your knowledge of different cultures. For instance, friendships with people from a different culture will give you an in-depth understanding of their beliefs.

3. Diversity in languages

If you’re friends with a Jamaican for even a few months, you’re likely to pick up some of their slangs. This applies to different races and cultures all over the world, conversations rub off and you learn a new language.

4. Open-mindedness

Making friends from different cultures also opens your mind to possibilities and new ideologies. You’d probably see different approaches to solving one problem and become more open-minded.

5. Travel and exposure

If for no other reason, the opportunity to travel and see the world should be enough to get you to enjoy cultural diversity. Travel doesn’t just give you insight but gives you the opportunity to have real experiences with different people.

6. Tolerance

Ethnic and religious tolerance can be promoted by making friends from different cultures. The ability to be a part of someone else’s life and their journey can be a lesson in empathy.

7. Emotional intelligence

Meeting people of the different classes, races and ethnicity teach you to treat people accordingly and respect them individually. You will learn to master your emotions and handle situations with diplomacy.

8. Food, glorious food

Last but definitely not least is the ability to exercise your taste buds with a wide variety of meals. Spicy food, sweet food, foods that are all about tart and green veggie foods.

friends from different cultures
(Photo: Kyaw Zaw Nyi / Unsplash)

All these do not compare to the general joy of friendships with different people who have different characters and strengths. There will be those who make you laugh, give you support, show you tough love and those who hold you down no matter what. So if you still don’t have multicultural friends, it’s time to meet some new people.

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